Charlotte JeBailey

Whether commercial or residential, quality roofing is our focus, our craft, and the unrivaled value we deliver to every customer. In over 23 years of commercial construction, we were often asked for a roofing referral however we found ourselves not having any one particular company to recommend due to a lack of craftsmanship, transparency or integrity.  We, at FBC Roofing of Central Florida, want to fill that gap and be the region's most trusted roofing company. 

We joined South Lake Business Leaders to be a part of a group of people who are committed to the community with an unparalleled referral network and a wholehearted focus on local non-profits. At my first meeting, I made a connection to someone who referred our company for a large commercial project and in return we were able to hire her company's services as well. Serving others is our passion and SLBL is the gold standard in that regard.