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Dalida Diyaljee

Are you looking to purchase some fine jewelry? Do you need your jewelry repaired, or your rings sized? Does your watch need to be serviced, or the battery replaced? Look no further! These are only a few of the reasons that you should visit Clermont Jewelers. Jewelry is our passion and helping our customers is our pleasure. We are third generation jewelers who are more than happy to help you with any and all of your jewelry and watch needs.

We enjoy being a part of the South Lake Business Leaders Network for many reasons. The members of this group are very supportive and extremely generous with their help and advice. One of the things that we like about this group is the warm and welcoming atmosphere that the members create. Everyone is very respectful and friendly, and are encouraged to join in discussions. We truly enjoy networking with this lovely group.


Dalida Diyaljee
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