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John Cothron

I approach counseling from the perspective of being in a conversation with a friend without an overt amount of clinical speech. I work with individuals, couples, and families who experience a variety of difficulties including PTSD, anxiety, trauma, infidelity, addiction, family issues, anger, depression, and addiction. I use different therapeutic approaches depending on each client's situation, including Accelerated Resolution Therapy and Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories.As a veteran, I understand the stresses and issues that military families can face, and am uniquely qualified to assist in that healing. I have a heart for helping individuals come to a resolution to their circumstances, and approach that in a Christian non-condemning perspective

I enjoy being a part of the South Lake Business Leaders Network because of the outreach into the community and the opportunities to interact and learn from business owners with more experience. The mentorship that is present in the organization is unbelievable. I have learned so much since joining. I appreciate being able to interact with like-minded business owners.


John Cothron
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