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Kristeen Ezell

Kristeen Ezell began her award-winning career as a Producer, Videographer and Video Editor in 1995. 26 years later, Kristeen continues to serve her clients, making a difference using her experiences, talent, and passion to create unique and custom video marketing campaigns for her clients.

Visual Harmony Productions creatively identifies and successfully showcases the value and the need for your company’s products and services. This leads to increased sales and long-term customers for her clients. Visual Harmony Productions specializes in helping companies bolster their image, increase business profitability and growth, improve brand marketing, expand corporate exposure, educate and entertain target markets. Kristeen ensures that her clients are memorable. When looking to position your company in a competitive market, every impression counts. Visual Harmony Productions engages audiences, showing them why you’re the company to choose!

Kristeen and her husband David relocated to Clermont from Manatee County Florida in 2019 with their three cats and two dogs, when David accepted the position as the new Clermont Fire Chief. Kristeen and David adore their new community and sit on a wide variety of local committees, and volunteer for several nonprofit organizations.


Kristeen Ezell
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