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Matt Russo

At Master Russo’s Taekwondo, we believe in the power of positive reinforcement. We help our students grow their confidence, build discipline, and become the best they can be. Traditional Martial Arts training isn't just about punching and kicking, it's about striving to be better. Enroll for your first class and see for yourself why parents around Clermont and Minneola are choosing our school to help their kids perform better academically, learn respect, and practice lasting leadership skills! But Taekwondo isn't just for kids! We've also helped adults from across our community develop more robust fitness, learn practical self-defense, and feel revitalized! Our classes offer a great workout, professional instructors, and a passionate community. It's never too late to get started."

Testimonial: I couldn't imagine a better community to be a part of. Moving here within the past few months has been a pretty life changing experience, but the people and families in this community have made me feel right at home. These relationships will help create strong partnerships with the local businesses, while also contributing to this safe and peaceful community through the teaching of Taekwondo. Whether to the families in South Lake Business Leaders, or the many other great families in the Clermont community. I look forward to being involved, energized, and an integral part of Clermont's continued growth and development!


Matt Russo
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